Two newly released adaptors for testing Mindray and Samsung ultrasound transducers
Two newly released adaptors for testing Mindray and Samsung ultrasound transducers
Nov 24, 2022 | News

As the latest addition to the Broadsound’s transducer testing capabilities, Broadsound has just released two new adaptors, #MR156C260TE (dual-receptacle) & #SA260T408ME (dual-receptacle) for the wide range testing of Mindray and Samsung transducers, respectively.

The Broadsound ProCheck SC5 Ultrasound Transducer Analysis System (UTAS) is an innovative expandable and customizable specialty measurement instrument for the R&D, design, manufacturing, recurrent testing, and repair of acoustic transducers.  To fulfill the aim of maximizing itsmulti-brand applicability, we continuously research and develop adaptors.  With these two latest additions to our adaptor portfolio, we have widened optionsthat enable them to use ProCheck SC5 UTAS to test all leading OEM’s ultrasound transducers including GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, Hitachi, HP, ATL, Canon, Aloka, Esaote, Medison, BK, Mindray, Samsung.  To be specific, we have 15 models of adaptors that are are applicable for testing 334+ models of ultrasound transducer from 14 leading brands.

By the virtue of our newly released adaptors, users can conduct analysis of the corresponding transducers listed as below:

  •  DC-7 / DC-7T / DC-6 / DC6-T / DC-T6 / DC-N6 / DC-3 / DC-40 / DC-60
Transducer Models: 3C5A, C5-2, 3C1, 6C2, 7L4A, 7L6, 7L5, 10L4, L14-6, L11-4, L7-3, 2P2, P4-2, P7-3, P12-4, 6CV1, V10-4, V10-4B, etc.
  • M7 / M6 / M5
Transducer Models: C5-2s, 3C5s, C11-3s, 3C1s, 6C2s, 6CV1s, 7L4s, 7L5s,7L6s, 10L4s, L7-3s, L12-4s, L14-6s, L14-6Ns, 2P2s, P4-2s, P7-3s, P12-4s, V10-4s, V10-4Bs, 4CD4s, P7-3Ts, etc.

  • HS40 / HS30
  • HM70A / HM70
  • Mysono U6 / U5
  • Sonoace R7 / R5 / R3
Transducer Models: C2-4/20, C2-5, C2-8, CA2-8AD, CF4-9, CN2-8, CN4-9, L3-8, L5-12/50, L5-12/60, LA3-16AD, LE5-12, LN5-12, LN5-12/40, P2-4, PN2-4, SP3-8, 3DC2-6, 3D4-8, 3D4-9, V5-9, VN4-8, etc.
  • HERA I10 / W10 / W9
  • RS85 / RS80 / RS80A
  • WS80A
  • HS70A / HS60 / HS50 / H60
  • V8
Transducer Models: C2-8, CA1-7AD, CA2-8AD, CF2-8, CF4-9, CS1-4, L5-13, LF5-13, PE2-4, SP3-8, VR5-9, ER4-9, EVN4-9, 3D2-6, 3D4-9, CV1-8AD, V5-9, VE4-8, etc.