ProCheck SC5 Ultrasound Transducer Analysis System

We pride ourselves on being our client's dependable partner and their first call whenever they need technical support.  As more and more clients inquire about professional ultrasound transducer analysis systems, we have re-developed and optimized our specialty acoustic measurement instrument, which we have used for years. We launched ProCheck SC5 UTAS for diagnostic ultrasound transducers featuring our patented algorithm to ensure authentic test data and efficient test procedures. It has an intuitive application with user-friendly interfaces and provides selective review options for easier evaluation.


The features of Broadsound ProCheck SC5 UTAS are as follows:
   1) XDCR (Transducer) Analysis Apps
        1.1 Capacitance Measurement
        1.2 Intrinsic Characteristics Measurement
        1.3 Transmission Crosstalk Measurement with Optimum Drive Waveform Signal B(t)
        1.4 Echo Measurement with Optimum Drive Waveform Signal B(t)
        1.5 Probe Lens Focusing Characteristics Measurement
        1.6 Sector of Relevance-Related Measurement & Report Format in the XDCR Analysis App 
   2) B(t) Generator & Receiver Apps
   3) Pulser & Receiver Apps

ProCheck SC5 is expandable and customizable, and we provide continuous support after purchase.  Over the years, we have developed 12 models of adaptors that are compatible with 134+ systems and are applicable for 254+ models, and those numbers keep growing.

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Analysis System
Introduction for testing multiple-element array assembly

We list some frequently asked questions for customers' interests on ProCheck SC5 UTAS.

Q1:  What does it mean that the normalized loop time response X(), wideband loop sensitivity SL(), and characteristic loop sensitivity SLC are intrinsic characteristics of the acoustic transducer assembly itself and are not dependent upon the measurement system?

 A1:The intrinsic characteristics X()SL(), and SLC  of acoustic transducer assembly are measurement system independent; more precisely that is, the X()SL(), and SLC do not depend on the drive signals of measurement system.
A typical example of the intrinsic measurement for a given acoustic transducer assembly, in which nine employed reference drive signals including 5 sets of negative-going unipolar pulses and 4 sets of positive-going unipolar pulses resulting in the same intrinsic characteristics X()SL(), and SLC is demonstrated as follows:

Analysis System

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